Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Too Can Do Rouge

If I had a cocktail for every time a lady told me that red lipstick did not look good on her, I would be able to face splash every reality "housewife" 10 times over.

Red lipstick is a timeless beauty staple that dates back over thousands of years.  It's sexy, sensual, alluring, and a great confidence booster!  Studies show that the first facial feature a man is attracted to are the lips... So since he can't see those baby blues from across the club amidst the bright lights and fog machines, your next best bet is luring him over with a rouged pout.

Red lipstick through the years

The key to pulling off red lipstick is knowing which colors in the stick match your skin tone. 

Fair Skin

Reds with a shot of coral look best on you.  The coral makes your pout pop without overpowering you. 

Medium Skin

You can do anything from a pink-cranberry to a true red to bring out your skin's golden undertones.

Dark Skin

Rich colors like burgundy or warm brick look great on dark skin, even if your skin is darker than Chanel's skin below.

If you're dark and daring, go to your nearest make-up counter and play around with colors like my beautiful BFF, Krystal!  Check her out in a red and pink lip!

Lipstick Tricks

Wearing red lipstick isn't like other colors where you line your lips, then fill them in with a similar lip color. The best way to rock rouge is by first applying the lipstick without lip liner. Blot your lips on a tissue, then line your lips using a nude lip pencil.  (Nude meaning YOUR skin color, not nude like those pink pumps you're trying to pull off with your carmel skin...But that's a whole 'nother blog for a whole 'nother time!)  The nude liner keeps the red lipstick from from bleeding into the skin around your lips, which is common with red lipstick.  Finally, apply one last layer of rouge, and you're ready for the day or night! (Note: Sheer red for day, deep red for night) 

In this picture, skin tone neutral concealer is used instead of a nude lip pencil.
Another common rouge mishap is the occurrence of lipstick on your front teeth. That look is never haute, so to prevent this from happening, stick your CLEAN index finger in your mouth like you would a lollipop. Wrap your lips around your finger, and pull it out.  Now all the lipstick that would be on your teeth is on your finger, and you don't have to worry about that guy you just lured over thinking you have a horrible case of GINGIVITIS!
Please note that the lip colors mentioned above are only suggestions, and I realize that there are many skin tones beyond and in between the ones I have shown.  To make this work for you, categorize yourself as either fair, medium, or dark, use my color recommendations, then head to your nearest make-up counter to find out exactly which shade is right for you.  Don't go to just one specific brand, TRY THEM ALL to find the RIGHT ROUGE!!!

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  1. Gu Gu! I love the topic of red lipstick. I feel as though women are so afraid to express themselves with different shades of lipsticks!Lets break away from these boring nudes and sheer colors. Your blog is so informative for those not so daring ladies that need a little help when choosing the proper red lipstick that best compliments their skin tone! I think I am going to rock a red lip this weekend, thanks for great tips! ♥ you Muah

  2. FINALLY a solution to my red lipstick bleeding!!! Thanks for the helpful tips...especially the lipstick on teeth scenario, I've definitely been a victim. Looking forward to your next fashion post, you always have fashion forward and insightful tid-bits.

  3. OMG I was just saying how I wanted to get into the lipstick craze! and now you have equipped me with exactly what I needed! This is why I love my LG!!!! oh and the whole skin color liner....never woulda thunk it ;) THANKS


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