Monday, December 30, 2013

NewYear, New You, New DRESS!

Ah, a new year is upon us.  Its time to cast off the melancholy mishaps of such an unlucky year. 2013... ugh!  I still get the shivers every time I write the luckless number.  But a shiny new day is just on the horizon.  A chance to start a new life!  Turn over a new leaf!  Give birth to a new you!  And how will you launch such a grand feat?  In a new dress of course!

Holiday color trends are simple this season:  Neutrals, cool blues, and warm reds with cool undertones.

The key to pulling off this somewhat lackluster palette is through texture, prints, sequins, and metallics.  I put together some looks to give you some ideas of how to pull off a picture perfect NYE 2014!  Some of the ensembles might be a little pricey, but as always, your local shops, boutiques, and webbies will typically have similar affordable pieces.  Use your Bargainista know-how to improvise!

Antique Gold Show
Gucci Satin Stretch Top, $200; Lanvin Crystal Brooch Shearling Jacket, $7,985; Yiqin Ying Lame Flared Skirt, price not listed; Gucci Crackled Metallic Leather T-Strap Pump, $750; TOPSHOP Diamante Clutch Bag, $70; Erickson Beamon Girlie Queen Gold-Plated Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace, $1,935; Michael Kors Watch, $225; Capsule Pony Tail Clip, $18; Eye Shadow Palette, $14; Tom Ford Lipstick in Blush Nude, $49

Shiny is the New Black
Totally Exposed Sequin Dress, $98; Crystal Studded Box Clutch, $68; Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps, $625; Jet & Clear Crystal Art Deco Earrings, $13; Alexis Bittar Lucite and Baguette Crystal Cuff Bracelet, $295; Clarins Graphic Expressions Fall 2013 Collection Eye Shadow Palette, $42; MAC Lipstick in Punk Couture, $20

50 Shades of Grey
Parabal Gurung Scoop Neck Molded Seam Dress in Black/White $1,097;  Truly Trustworthy Tights in Black, $25;  Michael Kors Collection Gia Color Block Clutch with Lock, $595; "Peplum" Casadei Pumps, $855; Ruby Red Clip On Earrings $3.95; 2028 Necklace, $28; Colorscience Mineral Eye Shadow Palette, $49; Victoria's Secret Color Lust Glossy Lip Stain, $7.99.

Blue Skies Ahead
MSGM Floral Print Dress, $446; Tory Burch Imogene Dragonfly Heel, $355; Miss Jolie London Style Skulls Blue Studded Clutch, $79; Capri Blue Flower Earrings, $88; Gold Lapis and Hot Pink Sapphire Kori Ring, $284; Cle de Peau Beaute Eye Color, $55; LipSatin in Suedeberry, $16;

The Chick who Stole New Years
MSGM Embellished Collar Shift Dress, $431; DSquared2 Sandals, $553; VC Signature Roma Clutch, $398; Silva & CIE Emerald Pear Shape Earrings, $14, 750; Guerlain Ecrin 2 Color Eye Shadow Palette, $44; T. LeClerc Transparent Lipstick in 15 Marilyn, $25

Futuristic Fuchsia
Lanvin Knee Length Dress, $1,626; Guess Anavey Peep-Toe Booties, $129; Maison Martin Margiela Clutch, $746; Pink Wrap Bracelet, $16; Adeline Cacheaux Perles Fluidity Drop Earrings, $460; Deepa Gurnani Gem Embellished Headband, $65; Cargo Essential Eye Shadow Palette, $34;  NARS Larger than Life Lip Gloss in Penny Arcade, $26

Crimson Vixen
Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Exclusive Lilly Double Squiggle Print Dress, $3,028; Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Pumps, $945; Reece Hudson Stendahl Miniaudiere clutch, $1,145; Lauren Ralph Lauren Faceted Garnet GlassDrop Earrings, $32; Oscar De La Renta Sunburst Multi Crystal Necklace, $594; Red Velvet by EFFY Ruby and White Diamond Rose Gold Oval Ring, $1,312; Susan Kalan Gold Orange Chalcedony Cuff Bracelet $1,975; USLU Airlines Lipstick in Hav, $32; Jane Iredale Perfectly Nude Shadow Kit, $55

These inspirational looks are totally in and 100% on trend for NYE 2014.  Step out in STYLE to ring in a successful, prosperous, fashionable New Year!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

A New York Holiday - The Shawn Carter Collection

After months of rumors, speculation, accusations, and a scandal fit for the representation of Olivia Pope, rapper Jay Z's eclectic line of high priced luxury items has finally hit the sales floors at Barneys.

If you've been living under a ...ROC... for the past month, there has been a great deal of bad press surrounding the release of Jay Z's line.  Recently, two African American youngsters were racially profiled while shopping in Barneys New York and were accused of using stolen credit cards to purchase thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  The allegations against the teens later proved to be false. The rapper's silent reaction to the situation has infuriated fans and other media outlets who demanded that Jay Z cut ties with the high end retailer, and cancel the launch of the line.  Representatives on behalf of Barneys insist that the officers that detained the shoppers were from the NYPD, and are completely unaffiliated with the department store's security staff.  Since the incident, Jay Z has decided that 100% of the Shawn Carter Collection proceeds collected  from November 20 - January 3 will now go to the Shawn Carter foundation, which provides scholarships for college prospects in low income households.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about what could only be referred to as a collection.  I say that because The Shawn Carter Collection is nothing more than an assemblage of opulent... stuff - for lack of a better word -- that you will probably never need, and you definitely never knew you wanted.  Jay Z got together with a couple of his niche designer friends, excluding Tom Ford, to have them create things for the G.O.A.T. to slap his name on.

Lets take a look!
Mixed Exotics Brooklyn Cap by Just Don
Face PETA head on with this python and leather cap by Just Don, creator of exclusive caps that feature exotic animal skins.  Just Don caps start at around $450, but this Barneys exclusive costs $895.  Why?  Because Shawn said so.

More from this designer:

Epaulette Tee Shirt and Emblem Print Tee - Shirt by Balmain
Balmain Changed the Game from exquisite draping and superb tailoring to this epaulette embelished tee-shirt for $995, and this Affliction-inspired screen printed tee by the same designer for $750.  I'm sure it will be a hit on the Jersey Shore.

More from this designer:

Oversized Zip Duffel by T. Anthony

Known for hand-crafted luggage made from high quality materials, luxury, and style, T. Anthony collaborates with Shawn to create this masculine, chic carry-on.  I am in love with the simple details of this bag, from the gold oversize zipper to the offset lock for stylish security.

More from this designer:

Humidor by Cohiba
Welcome to Havana/ Smoking Cubanas with Castro in cabanas/...  This cedar-lined humidor set is fit for king... or perhaps a dictator. This set is made by Cohiba, a premium Cuban cigar manufacturer, and will set you back cool grand.

More from this designer:

Leather Boxing Shorts by En Noir
Scrotum not sweaty enough?  At least they'll look cool in these leather boxing shorts embroidered with the collection's emblem by En Noir for $2,590.  I'm a huge fan of En Noir, and am loving how they are keeping the leather trend alive season after hot sticky season for media icons such as 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Lebron James, and many more.

Cashmere Ski Mask by The Elder Statesman

If you're going to rob a liquor store, you might as well do it in style by wearing this cashmere ski mask by the Elder Statesman.  Who better to collaborate with that [expletive] Jigga on this $695 winter weather accessory than the Elder Statesman; known for their plush cashmere and cotton sweaters, scarves, gloves, and blankets.

More from this designer:

Slim Fit Dress Shirt and Vinyl Coated Camo Jaquard Tie by Lanvin

Be on your suit and tie ish in this slim fit dress shirt and vinyl coated necktie brought to you by Lanvin.  Lanvin is a Parisian designer (one of my favorites!) that makes cutting edge clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.  The shirt retails for $450, and the tie for $560.

More from this designer:

All in all, I think Jay Z's idea to collaborate with famous designers rather than hire a team of designers is genius.  Each piece featured in the Shawn Carter Collection is befitting of an American, luxurious Gangster.  The collection works for his brand, and for Barneys' image.  There are a lot more pieces belonging to his collection from designers such as Hublot, Rick Owens, Acne, Proenza Schouler, Cutler & Gross, and many more.

Go check it out at:

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce Bowl!!!!

Sooo My Girl Bey ROCKED the Super Bowl!!!!
(Oh. And so did the Ravens)
I'm sure you saw it.
I'm sure you YouTubed it.
But you haven't seen it with me screaming Destiny's Child songs at the top of my lungs in the background!
So what did you think?  How did you feel about the stage design with the flowing fabric that represented her hair?  The Destiny's Child performance? Michelle's pointy bustier that could have put her eye out?  And MOST IMPORTANTLY...
My singing!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Snobbies! 2013 Golden Globes Edition

It's time again for one of my favorite (and yours too!) blog posts!  THE SNOBBIES!!!!  This time for the 2013 Golden Globe awards!  There were several noticable trends on the red carpet last night: Plunging necklines, goth-esque black, mermaid silhouettes, neutral tones, and red hues.  There were only a few dresses I totally loved, and way more that I totally hated...  Let's see what they are:

The Cougar Award Goes to...

Halle Berry

Can you say Raaawwwrrrr!!!! Halle, please don't hurt 'em! Now, I could understand if this dress was chic, then I could give her a pass for being her age and wearing this, but this dress isn't even cute!  Halle always looks great in Versace, and I will admit, her body is baging... But she just needs grow up and let go.  This dress is not gonna bring any of your husbands back, Boo Boo. 

 The Awkward Black Girl Award goes to...

Zosia Marnet

Girls cast member Zosia Mamet is wearing an AMAZING Tony Ward Couture gown that feautures unique leather panels.  Had this dress been on and styled by anyone else, and I mean ANYONE else, it probably would have gotten best dress from me.  I mean, this is a SEXY dress!  Could you at least put on a better bra? A red lip? Sat up straight?  Acted like you wanted to be there?  To me, Zosia just looks... Awkward.

The Shiraz Pizazz Award goes to...

Taylor Swift

Taylor, Taylor, Talyor!  Who would have known that sexing all those boys would give you all those curves! Her serial dating finally has a purpose other than new song material!  Taylor has finally aged like a fine wine in this backless Donna Karan Atelier mermaid dress.  She lost the girlish locks and opted for a more mature pulled back updo, and I loves it!  I'm not crazy about the neckline, though... But hey, I can't win them all!... Apparently neither can she... did you see that stank face she made when Adele beat her for best song?! Classic!

The Sallown Award goes to...

Jessica Chastain

Umm... Jessi-ker?  Where are you going with those Madea titties?  This dress by Calvin Klein is actually very pretty, but photographs horribly!!!  Though she is keeping up with the plunging neckline trend, she needs to go SALLOWN with her frumpy looking self!

The Trinidad James Award goes to...

Emily Blunt
Nigga Nigga Nigga!!!  There is gold all in this dress by Michael Kors!  Gold and lace are major trends right now, and this dress is their golden child.   Emily rocked a Mikey and I'm sweating! WHOO! Ok, I'mma stop, but I do love this dress!  Also, peep the purple she's got going on in her ears and on her bracelet. Nice!  She's got the Midas touch!

The Spongebob SquareDRESS award goes to...

Lena Dunham
This Zac Posen gown was obviously designed for a person with more of a distinct waistline than Lena's.  The gown itself is nice.  The color is french roast, which is one of the "it" colors for Fall/Winter 2012; but it's just not working for her.  The first faux pas is that she is a pear shape, meaining her hips are larger than her chest, and that is not a good fit for this particurlar dress.  If you look close enough at her torso, you can see the wires of her body shaper! How have you not heard of SPANX???  Her extremely pale skin is so blinding, you can't even tell that she has some nice cleve - action going on.  Perhaps if she would have separated her neck from the dress with some type of necklace, the whole look would have been more flattering.  She looks like a UPS box. 

The Willy Wonka Award goes to...
Alyssa Milano
Oompa Doompa Doopity Doo.  Your stylist must really freaking hate you.  Alyssa!  Show your stylist Who's The Boss!!! You're too pretty to look the way you do right now!  Sure you've gained a few pounds, but a good stylist knows how to work with curves.  Not throw a giant satin pillow case over your body!  And what are those turquoise earrings supposed to be matching?  Your shoes that we can't see?  The jeweled embellishment that emphasizes your lack o' six pack?  The clutch you grabbed on your way out the door right after you yelled "F*** It!"???  I'm done.

The Always Award goes to...

Anne Hathaway

You can always count on Anne to look great on the red carpet!  But that's not why I gave her the Always award... Is it just me, or does she look like an Always Maxi pad without the wings?  #IJS... But seriously, she beams in this two piece Chanel gown... Always!  And I know she cut her hair for a movie role, but it looks gorgeous on her!


The Dancing With the Stars Award goes to...
Julianne Hough
Julianne doesn't get this award because of her salsa skills on the show, she gets this award because she was kind enough to let the costume designers of the show design her Golden Globe gown! Way to keep it in the industry Jules! While everything I just said was a complete and total lie, this Monique Lhullier ball gown is a work of art.  It looks more like a wedding dress to me, but maybe she's getting ready for her walk down the aisle with her fiancee and new brunette, Ryan Seacrest.

Snobbable Mentions go to...
Amy Adams, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria
Amy is in Marchesa, Kate is Alexander McQueen, Jessica in Oscar de la Renta, and Eva is in a custom backless Pucci gown.

The Runner Up for the night goes to...

Jennifer Lopez!
If this ain't the sexiest table cloth I ever did see!!! Halle, this is what Versace DONE RIGHT looks like!  J-Lo is what... 45??? Body still on point, and her face hasn't aged a day! I love that she looks naked, but is completely and tastefully covered!  The block is hot, Jenni!  The block is hot!


The tangerine is on trend for the season, and I love the silhouette!  Mermaids were fishing all over the place, while ball gowns popped up here in there; but Catniss was playing no (hunger) games when she chose a flattering combination of the two popular silhouettes. Am I in love with the styling of this dress? No.  The metal belt is an empowering hit, but I would have liked her hair and make up a little different to complete this look.  The thing is, I wasn't really in love with the gowns on the red carpet this year.  Nothing made me shiver.  But this dress has the bodice reminscent of old Hollywood glamour paired with a full, sexy skirt with a modern edge.  I love everything about this dress!

So that's it Snobbies!  Who were your faves for the 2013 Golden Globes?  Let me know!  I love hearing from you!

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Are you LOVING or LOATHING this trend?