Friday, July 13, 2012

Working the Turban

The answer to your bad, sad, or just don't give a damn hair days has arrived!

Revamped from the Middle East and the 1930's is


The turban made a quick reintroduction to the fashion scene about five years ago, but didn't quite catch on.  Fast forward to 2012, this transitional trend can be seen on the crowns of Boho Babes to Chic Chicas everywhere!  Designers are utilizing the versatility of looks, prints, textures, and unique AWESOMENESS the turban adds to each and every ensemble.  Here are some of my favs:

Norma Kamali
Lauren Guin - YES! I design too!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Ana Sui -- Remember her from the "Is the Cat in the Hat the New Black" blog?
Rachel Zoe
The full turban look can be worn with all of the hair pulled into turban as shown in the Rachel Zoe picture above, with lenghty locks exposed as shown in the Ana Sui and Norma Kamali photos, or with a little peekaboo of hair showing at the top as shown in the Jean Paul Gaultier photo.

But WAIT, there's MORE!!!

Lets not forget the TURBAN HEADBAND!


Eugenia Kim

Jennifer Behr

Luca Luca
This look can be achieved by simply tying a knot in the center of a silk scarf, placing the knot in the center of the forehead, then tying the loose ends of the scarf at the in the back of the head, and tucking the remaining fabric underneath the entire headband.

How do you tie a full turban? 

My girl Diana Ramsey has made it so easy for you!  Check out this video on TWO ways to tie a trendy turban!

Also check Diana out out on her website, where she tells you everything you need to know about natural hair!  She is killing me with that wine glass too! LOL!

Keep in mind, this is a trend that can only be worn by the Chic-est of the Chic, and fellow Trend Snobs.
HATERS will be encountered!  Case in point:

Just Rock the Trend with CONFIDENCE, and you'll be fine!

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