Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beach Body Beautiful

And we made it to summer!  Did you drop that winter weight yet?  I sure hope so, because I'm ready to talk about beach bodies! 
Swim cover ups are summer's hottest must-have, but what's under that frock when it's time to uncover?  Your body, of course!  The key to looking BEACH BODY BEAUTIFUL is knowing your body type.  No need to hide!  Let this post be your guide  to pairing your physique with the perfect  swimsuit.

Your body type is an Inverted Triangle (Athletic) if you have:
Swim Solutions:
  • V-neck halter tops and racer back bathing suits are your friend.  They provide support at the bust, while deep V necks provide sex appeal.  Under wires also provide additional support for my busty ladies.
  • Give the appearance of a more defined waistline with ruching at the waist.  This will take the focus off your broad shoulders and narrow hips.
  • Play with patterns to keep the eyes from focusing on any one part of your body.  A cute pattern will make your bust and shoulders appear less noticeable.
  • Triangle bikini tops
  • Solid color one-pieces with no detail
  • Swimsuits with high necklines

You are considered to be a Pear shape if you:
Swim Solutions:
  • Pick a swimsuit with prints and details at the top to make your bust proportionate to the lower half of your body.
  • Choose a top with a deep V or scalloped neckline.  Heavy padding is a also a bust plus.
  • Choose a bottom with a high cut brief to make the legs appear longer.
  • Lengthen your torso with a tankini
  • Boy shorts
  • Skimpy or triangle bikini tops

Your body type is Oval if you:

Swim Solutions:
  • Select fabrics that are designed to suck, tuck, and cinch.  These types of textiles are usually thick and full of lycra or spandex.  Check the tags, ladies!
  • Colorful or printed bands are a clever way to hide the tummy and accentuate the waist.
  •  Horizontal side panels are also a way to allude to a slimmer mid-section.
  • If you're rocking a bikini, opt for a banded or high waist bottom that covers the navel.
  • Stylish cover-ups
  • Billowy or trapeze tops
  •  Quirky skirts that make you look silly.  Embrace those curves, girl!
  • Stringy or strappy bathing suits

You have an Hourglass figure if you:

Swim Solutions:
  • Try a solid one-piece swimsuit.  Your body, of which I am oh-so-jealous, doesn't need much accentuation, so why not just make your physique be the focal point?
  • Deep V and plunging neck lines will compliment your horizontal symmetry.
  • If you're going to do a bikini, look for ones with details at the bust, waist, and / or hips.  If they're gonna look, guide their eyes to all the right places! wink wink!
  • Boy shorts.  They tend to make hourglass figures look boxy.
  • Boy shorts are literally the only mistake you can make unless your swimsuit is hiddeous.  Get out of here.  I loathe your perfection.

You are a Column if you:

Swim Solution:
  • In order for your girlish looks to overshadow your boyish figure,  try going girly in feminine prints and colors; i.e. pink flowers.
  • Angled lines pointing downward give the illusion of a cinched waist, thus creating a faux figure.
  • Voluminous details such as ruffles, fringe, and hip ties will make you appear curvier
  • Bandeau tops.  They emphasize your lack of upper body curves.
  • Boy shorts... the truth is in the name.
  • Tight necked solid color one-pieces completely work against your shape.  Avoid these at all costs.
Now that you've gotten to know you body a little better, it's time to throw in a little swim trend!  The wetsuit look is totally in, as shown in the Suboo tankini and Lisa Marie Fernandez looks above.  Summer time sizzling is not possible without a little bit of white heat!  Any of these suits will look good in all white!  One particular look that I did not feature, but I'm sure you've seen, is the loose ruffle bikini tops that are in just about every store *rolls eyes*.  That seems to be a super hot trend, but I didn't bring it up because the trend is so prominent, every poolside chica is going to have it, and you know I have to keep you looking your SNOBBIEST!  The bondage, strappy look, featured in both Suboo suits above, is also a really hot look for this summer.  Keep in mind, however, that those tan lines are going to be CRAY, but we are familiar with great fashion coming at a price!  Have fun a the beach!

Until next time, TrendSnobsStay HOT!

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