Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pay Your Dues to Rouge

A Haiku to Ruby Woo

Pulse Paused. Heart Stopping.
Breath stolen, eyes are watching.
Wink. Smile. Lips poppin'.
*Snaps Fingers*

An ode to lipstick?  Why not?! Lipstick is literally my favorite part of being a woman, and my even favorite-er cosmetic!  Mascara runs, lip glosses leave permanent clothing stains, and don't get me started on how the foundation smudges on my Android leave people thinking that the brown residue is some type of secretion from my dirty pores.

So on this day,


we pay our dues to rouge, highlighting the hottest hues of Fall/Winter 2015!
(Can you believe September issues will be on shelves in just a month?)

Send Me Some Nudes

When you want your eyes to do the talking and your lips be but a whisper, go nude.  Keep in mind that nude shades vary depending on your skin tone, so your bronzy BFF from Brazil might not be able to loan you lipstick if you're fresh off the lodka from Moscow. The trick to pulling off a nude lip is by lining the lips with a pencil two shades darker than your skin, then filling it in with a lipstick that's one shade lighter. Complete the look with a beige-ish lip gloss to keep you from looking severely dehydrated.  And you said you didn't look good naked...smh

"Think of nude lipstick the same way you'd think about your foundation. To get the right color, consider your skin color, hair color, even eye color. For someone with a fairer complexion, a nude that's too beige-y will appear yellow; instead, pick a nude that's in the pale pink family like this YSL shade. For medium tones, I would use a deeper beige to rose nude. If you want the truest shade of the lipstick to shine through, neutralize your own lip color first by applying a tinted moisturizer or foundation." — Jeanine Lobell
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipstick in Nude Beige, $34,
For fair skin, try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Nude Beige.  $34
"This is a great neutral brown with a natural, smooth matte finish. The color is just right—not too pale, and good for day or night, especially those times when you're rocking a dramatic eye. Your lips won't steal the show, but they definitely won't be overlooked." — Jeannia Robinette
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier, $32.50,
For Medim skin tones, try Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Conother.

"This shade has the perfect amount and tone of beige for a nude lip that won't wash you out. I like to apply the color with a brush then tap with my index finger to blend into the skin so that it doesn't have a heavy 'lipstick' quality." — Stevie Huynh
Tom Ford Lip Color in Sable Smoke, $48,
For Darker skin, try Tom Ford Lip Color in Sable Smoke.
Girl, you just got RED

It's alluring, its the color of love, and it's timeless! Your mama's mama's mama's mama wore it when she met your great-great grandfather, and BAM! You're here reading this blog! You litterally owe your life to rouge!  The best way to rock red is by first applying the lipstick without lip liner.  Blot your lips on a tissue, then line your lips using a nude lip pencil.  The nude liner keeps the red lipstick from bleeding into the skin around your lips, which is common with red lipstick.  Finally, apply one last layer, and you're ready to join the ranks with your great-grands and pro-create a new generation! To spare you the break down of skin tones, I'm only recommending one lipstick: Ruby Woo.  I've never seen this shade look bad on anyone. EVER.
(Scroll up to re-read my def poetry jam haiku homage, then click here for my blog breakdown on red lipstick).

For a Sexy You, try Ruby Woo!

The Black Bug Bled Black Blood

Imagine how sexy and demure your lips would look mouthing that line again and again in a dark shade of lipstick.  Notice I said dark, not black.  Shadowy hues of deep burgundy, purple, and blackberry are back again this fall to cast an air of mystery on your already chic style.  You want to apply dark shades with a lip brush for precision, starting from the outer corner of the mouth to the center of your upper and lower lips.  As with red, line last.  I like a dark matte lip, but I've been known to dab a little Bobbi Brown Crystal lip gloss on the center of my bottom lip, then smudge for shine perfection.

For Fair skin, try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rouge Feu.
For Medium skin, try Model Co. Party Proof Lipstick - Matte in Purple Sangria.
For Dark skin, try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet.

Now that I've given you Lipstick Life, go out and kiss someone!!! Until next time, stay Snobby!

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