Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sprung! What's Back

Alas, warmer weather is upon us! Say so long to icy snowstorms, farewell to frosty windshields, and peace out to parkas! Springtime is here!

I've got the runway rundown on what's back, what's new, and what's hot for Spring/Summer 2014!

For now, we'll talk about what's back.  We're only a few days into Spring, and it hasn't completely warmed up yet, so let's have a look at two trends that made the cut.  If you were TrendSnobbing around this time last year, you should be able to pull these looks from your closet this year to wear NOW!

What's Back: Tribal

Unearth your indigenous garb, because the tribal trend has returned for yet another season.  In the past, we boasted bright colors and mixed prints, but this Spring, the look is a little more toned down with prints featuring fewer colors for a refined, head to toe look.  Pay close attention to safari style, global influences from Africa, Asia, and India, and graphic prints in black and white.
Donna Karan
River Island

Emilio Pucci

Stella Jean
What's Back:  Spring Sports

Last year, the sporty look had us sweating down the runway in lots of leather. This Spring, mesh and other breathable fabrics bring refreshing functionality to this current, sexy, and comfortable trend. Key items are joggers, jackets, and funky footwear.  Silhouettes are loose fitting at the top, slimming down beneath the knees.

Maison Martin Margiela


Will you be rocking any of these trends this season, or are you letting what happened in Spring 2013 stay in Spring 2013?!  I'd love to hear from you!  Stay tuned for a look at what's NEW and what's HOT for Spring 2014!

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