Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Snobbies - MTV Movie Award 2012 Edition

Its that time again for another edition of the Snobbies -- This time for the MTV Movie Awards!!!

I must say, that I was deeply disappointed in the night's display of drab duds...  This is the MTV Movie Awards, people!  Show some EXCITEMENT!  Give me some AVANT GARDE!  Dish out the DRAMA! 

I hold a special place in my heart for any MTV award show, because this is the place where the hottest young stars come together on the red carpet to celebrate their talents, and express their true selves through fashion.  Evening gowns are frowned upon, tuxedos are worn in an irreverent manner, and just about anything goes... I don't know what looks the stars were going for this year; but as they say in show business...


The "Wanna Be Bey" Award goes to...


Ciara appears to be rocking a dress from the Rave Collection... Yes, Rave. You know, your high school hot spot for all things cheap, tight, and stretchy?  She's definitely channeling her inner Bey ca. last month at the Met ball by wearing a dress that almost reveals her reproductive organs.  At first glance, I actually almost thought this was Beyonce, but quickly realized it was just Ciara trying reclaim her "Goodies" status.

The Douchebag Swag award goes to...


I actually don't hate their outfits, only because they took fashion risks that I usually associate with the MTV red carpet.  I'm loving the Americana-Biker chic ensemble of Goonrock, as well as the aforementioned irreverent tuxedo jacket in leopard print worn by Red Foo (who I heard was Barry Gordy of Mowtown's son); but they all get the Douchebag Swag Award because of Sky Blu in the middle, who looks like a modern day version of Al B. Sure if he were ever to be featured on an episode of To Catch A Predator.  With the exception of Sky Blue, the individual members of LMFAO look MTV Phresh, but collectively, they look like a gang of douchers.

The Chic Peek Award Goes to...
Elizabeth Banks

I'm loving Elizabeth Banks in this Elie Saab jumpsuit.  I love that this outfit is subtly sexy, shows off her figure, and is oh-so-appropriate for this occasion.  She kept it simple with messy bun, natural make up, and dark eyeliner.  Great work!

The Odd Couple Award goes to...

Wiz Khalifah and Amber Rose

I mean... I'm not saying be lame and dress alike, but could you at least look like you're going to the same place?  I feel like Wiz's outfit lacks direction.  I mean... he looks like an out of work short order cook.  I am, however, loving Amber's look.  She's wearing green... a symbolic color that seems to be the glue of their relationship -- money and weed.  Amber might want to push back from the table a lil bit, too.  Cellulite is NEVER chic.

The Close, But No Cigar Award goes to...

Emma Watson

Eh.  I don't know why, but I'm just not feeling this dress from the Brood Fall 2012 collection.  Fashion critics loved this look, but I don't.  I'm all for the mixing of prints, but I don't like the cut, I don't like those pocket thingies on the front of the dress, and her shoes could have been edgier.  All of that aside, her look is MTV red carpet approved because its fun and different.

The Klo$ely Ke$a Award goes to...

Kristin Stewart

This dress was another disappointment.  It didn't fit right, and the front isn't cute.  The colors are on trend for Fall/Winter 2012, so I guess that's a plus; and the back isn't so bad.  Overall, however, this dress is a train wreck... and that's why I give it the Klo$ely Ke$ha award, because Ke$ha should have been the one wearing it.  It might have actually looked good on her.  Crazy hair, a lightning bolt over the eye... Yeah.  I could see that.

The Oh, You're Still Alive Award goes to...

Paris Hilton

Seriously.  Why was she even there?  Cute dress, average shoes, hot clutch... But go home

The Gold Medal Award goes to...

Brooke Hogan

"TrendSnob, why the Gold Medal Award?", you may ask.  Cuz this chick looks like she is competing in the Winter Olympics for ice dancing, THAT'S WHY!!! I've got the perfect shoes for this outfit by D Squared.  Check 'em out:

Now that's an outfit!

The Honorable Mention Award goes to...

Jessica Biel

You can never go wrong in Chanel.  I'm loving the textured knit of this dress, along with the cocoon silhouette she's serving -- tres chic for Fall/Winter 2012.  I could think of a million other shoes to wear with this dress, but these Barbara Bui ankle strap heels are definitely a force to be reckoned with.  She pops on the red carpet, which I love.  Totally digging the hair, simple accessories, mod cat eye, and barely there make up.  Good work, Jess! (We tight like that!)

And the SNOBBIE goes to....

Emma Stone!!!

Is she over dressed for an MTV red carpet?  Maybe a little.  But is she shitting on all you hoes?  Yeah, definitely a lot! I love that she changed the game by switching up her usually rouge locks to bombshell blonde for the occasion.  The structured peplum bustier by Parisian designer Martin Grant is giving me all the life I need, and is a direct contrast to her soft, slightly bubbled hem.  Don't get me started on the skin tone perfect, ankle strap heels with whatever the heck that fluffy stuff is going down the back of those shoes, courtesy of shoe designer Brian Atwood.  And last but not least, the color blocked patent leather Fendi clutch. Tres Magnifique!  Emma never seems to disappoint!

So that's my sad, sad synopsis on the  fashion at the 2012 MTV movie awards.  This is the TrendSnob signing out saying to all young celebrities:


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  1. Ha,I remember Rave, everything I bought from there in middle/high school use to rip! I think Ciara is rockin that red dress though! I love a blond with long legs! Aw poor Wiz, he looks so lost, he needs your guidance Trend Snob! Help him! Paris is such a non motherfuckin factor bitch! Why does Kristin Stewart always look so dirty and messy? No one likes a dirty girl! Get it together you can be so beautiful?(In a pale I like vampires kind of way).I LOVE LOVE Jessica Biel's dress! I have a similar dress and now I'm thinking I should add a pop of emerald to really put the outfit toghether! Emma Stone hot hot hot! Loving the corset top and pretty shoes, so feminine and beautiful.
    ♥ Loving the blog Trend Snob! YOU be killen dem hoes! Muah ♥ No No

  2. Great Review as usual! I love the quirky descriptions. Keep up the good work.

  3. 1st of all....Ciara????!!!?? wtHeck?? I cnt even take her seriously ever again.....well then again it is not like I ever have! OMG hot friggin mess who let her out the house like this?? I'm really upset right wheeeewww...I digress....2nd of all is it just me or does Amber Rose looking amazeballs in everything she wears?? ok maybe it is just me and my slight girl crush I have...something bout a bald headed chick I think I am a lil biased toward her. And C....that Elie Saab the Elizabeth chick is rocking totally took my breath away! I need that in my life asap. By the way you totally make my day with these blogs you and your sacarstic slick tone! I love it keep them coming ;)


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