Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Chick

Still caking on that eyeshadow?  Arching your eyebrows pencil thin? Lining your lips with black liner, then filling it in with Carmex? COLOR CONTACTS????
Set your clocks FASHION FORWARD!  Its time to talk


When putting your look together  this season, keep these 3 tips in mind when it comes to beauty:

1) Less is More

Now is the time to let your natural beauty shine.  Clean, healthy skin is in; and you if you have it, WORK IT!  If you don't, dab on a little bit of concealer, a minimum coverage foundation, and finish off the look with a little bit of bronzer for a natural glow.  Pronounced eyebrows are a MUST to make this work.


Pull hair away from the face to show off your your natural look.  The sleek pony is a great polished look, and totally MAJOR right now.  The undone bun is a fresh alternative to this refined look.  Neatly messy, yet still away from the face.   

  Carolina Herrera                    Balmain                       Shantel Van Santen

2) Say it with your Lips

No matter how tempting it may be to match your makeup with this season's blossoming florals, catchy color blocks, and native prints... DON'T!  Let your lip color do all the talking.


                  Jason Wu                           Milly                     Prabal Gurung                      

Want even BRIGHTER lips?  Check out my girl Keyshia Dior, owner of KA'OIR Cosmetics, who has the hottest lip colors out right now!

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3) Smooth Nails

Giiiiirrrrllll STOP with those long, acrylic, SWV nails, and all those played out designs!  While nail designs are still acceptable, they have toned down a bit over the past few seasons.  Nails are kept at a length useful for typing and texting, and are less succeptable to host communicable diseases.   As far as nail colors are concerned, right now anything goes.  As long as the length is kept to a minimum, you can go as crazy as you want!

Karen Walker            Jen Kao              Nicole Miller

Now take these beauty tips and SPRING into the new season!  Give up being WHACK for Lent!
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