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The Snobby Awards!!!! 2015 SAG Award Edition

The Snobby Awards are one of my all time favorite blogs to write and post.  The FASHION! The GLAMOUR!  And don't forget...

The SHADE!!!

Because I am the Trend Snob, I'm going to start off with some trends for the evening:

White Power

Offended?  I'm black. Get over it.  Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon, Maggi Gyllenhall, and Ariel Winter definitely got the memo about winter white being this season's go-to shade.  No matter your shape, height, skin or hair color, winter white is always a crowd pleaser and pops magnificently on the red carpet.
*see my winter white look in my First Lady of Style blog entry by clicking on the link

Girrrrlll, you just got RED!

Gwendolyn Christie, Maisie Williams, and Edie Falco sizzled on the red carpet of the SAG Awards!  While I love how the color red can turn a drab damsel into a Vivacious Vixen, I absolutely hate it on the red carpet!!!  I can never see the full detail of the dress because it blends in with the floor! After all, the reason we watch award shows is for the dresses, right?!

That's enough of trend talk for now!

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

The Snobby Awards
2015 SAG Awards Edition

The Fashion Floral Award goes to...
Lupita Nyong'o

Leave it to Lupita to consistently make a fashion forward statement on the red carpet of any award show or event.  This beauty has miles of style!  While she's usually a front running fave on my list of fashionistas, I'm not 100% loving everything about this Elie Saab gown.  I'm digging the print, feeling the plunged neckline, and cherish the fullness of the dress, but I wish the fabric of the skirt was chiffon or another material that drapes better than this one does.  Every blogger in the blogosphere will probably disagree, but meh... I love, but I'm not in love.  Shade, but no shade.

The What the Tux Award goes to...
Emma Stone

Ah, Emma.  Another red carpet fave.  The pale skin, the burnt orange hair, the red lip!  No matter how edgy or soft her ensemble is, she always manages to put an old Hollywood glamorous spin to the look.  Kudos to her in Dior in this fresh take on the tuxedo dress.  Tuxedos are huge right now-- worn as a jacket or a dress -- and I must admit, I've never seen one with a sheer skirt, train, or both!  Also, notice that the tuxedo is double breasted, another hot trend you'll see a lot of in menswear this season.  This look is chic and new!  I kind of wish she didn't wear a cami underneath for a little more sex appeal, but she still looks amazing!

The Erykah BaDON'T Award goes to 
Uzo Aduba

Aduba, Badu.  Crazy Eyes, crazy dress.  I love how Uzo Aduba has a way of bringing it together full circle.  I'm just really confused as to what exactly this dress actually is.  Is it eyelet? Is it yarn? Is it safe to bring my cat around her? What I do know is what it ain't, and that's cute!  The Orange Is the New Black star looks like Erykah Badu when she was knitting needle crazy back in the 90s.  Somebody shank this woman a stylist ASAP, because based on the number of SAG awards she took home tonight, she's not going to be a stranger on the red carpet.  Congrats on your awards girl, but the Fashion Police will sentence you 20 to life if you pull something like this again!  And while we're on the subject...

The Orange is the New WHACK Award goes to...
The Cast of Orange is the New Black
Thanks for the title, Christian

Where. Do I. Begin.? I guess with Vickey Jeudy since her pic is first.  I'm getting Owl Chic from this look.  The bodice looks like owl eyes that angle down in the shape of an owl's beak, and the print of the skirt looks like cross hatched owl feathers.  One question, Jeudy:  Hoo-hoooo told you that you looked cute?  Next we have Dascha Polanco in what could have been a halfway decent dress had her seamstress known that horse hair doesn't work well in the hem of stretch lace, trains, or the hems of straight skirts.  Oh, and measuring Dashca would probably have been a good idea because she looks like a stuffed chorizo in this dress.  And Laverne Cox, if you don't sit your Battlestar Galactica space creature looking dress and hair self down somewhere!!!  This is HOLLYWOOD, ladies!  Next time take notes from Danielle Brooks (far right), who obviously does not like any of you, because she let you all come out of the house looking cray!  Danielle is about that red carpet life!

The Okay. You're Sexy. We Get It! Award goes to...
Sofia Vergara

She's Latina.  She's gorgeous.  She's 42.  She's got a body and an accent that won't quit!  She's everything on this planet we all want to be!  Sofia always kills on the red carpet.  She knows how to accentuate her femininity in a way that makes us gawk in awe and sneer with jealousy.  I love all the elements of this Donna Karan Atelier dress from the one shoulder action, to the exposed corseting, unexpected ruching, and whatever fabulous fabric the skirt and train are made of.  I would be able to see it better if the red carpet wasn't so RED!!! I think its silk though...

The 'What is That, Velvet?' Award goes to...
Anna Chlumsky

I don't like anything about this dress.  I typically think classic glamour when I see Escada.... Maybe this is supposed to be a classic cut and silhouette made 'modern' with the use of metallic silver fabric trim and... what is that? Velvet??? Whatever it is, the Veep Star looks hot.  Not muy caliente hot, but your kneecaps might be sweating HOT!  She's a beautiful girl, and I've loved her ever since she killed McCauley Caulkin in My Girl, but this dress is all over the place.  Do better next time, Vera.

The Honorable Mention Award goes to...
Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike betta Gone Girl as she slays in this textured Dior high low gown.  This isn't a silhouette or cut we typically see on the runway, and that's one of the main reasons I love this look. Everything about this voluminous dress is perfect from the way the textured detail fades from prominent at the décolletage into a beautiful oblivion towards the bottom.  I'm almost certain her hem has horse hair done correctly *ahem Dascha Polanco*.  If it's not horse hair, its satin.  Either way, I love the dress, I love the shoes, I love the messy bob, orange lip, and her almost non-existent accessories.  Job well done, Rosamund!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for....

The Snobby Award goes to....
Camila Alves

Model, mother, fashion designer, and wife of Matthew McConaughey looks absolutely STUNNING in Donna Karan Atelier.  This dress embodies everything I love in a gown!  Sweetheart necklines can go terribly wrong when draped at this magnitude, but Camila got it oh-so-right!  The faux sash that comes from below the bust, across the abdomen, and cascades onto the floor into a puddle of royal opulence is literally to die for!!!  The mermaid silhouette, fabric that is just begging to touched, and the deep, beautiful amethyst color of this dress makes her a WINNER at an award show where she wasn't even a nominee!  But she did get a SNOBBY, and isn't that all that matters??!!

Thats all for now, Trend Snobs!  Until Next time, STAY SNOBBY!

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