Sunday, April 19, 2015

Willy Nilly for Lilly!

Did the pews at your church look a little empty this morning? That's because every Real Housewife of every town in America was at Target  trying to get their oven mitts on a piece of the Lilly Pulitzer pie!

If you don't know who Lilly Pulitzer is, she is a whimsical designer popular amongst genteel ladies across the globe, with an extreme following on the East Coast of the US; especially in the South where I live. Who better to team up with LP than Targét, the haven for people too good to shop at Walmart, but too financially conscious (or can't afford) to shop the stores of Target's regularly priced guest labels (i.e ME!).  Like most of their featured designer lines, this collaboration has been an obvious success. Brightly colored pieces with invigorating prints flew off the shelves faster than a one legged cat in a sandbox! Sorry, I partook in the Lilly Pulitzer mayhem in Atlanta, GA so I'm allowed to talk like that since the experience officiated me as an official southerner :) The racks of the store I shopped were TOTALLY EMPTY in under 3 minutes!

Check out this  video I shot of an elderly woman getting a top snatched right out of her hands by another shopper!

Happy shoppers were able to walk away with pieces from the lifestyle collection that included dresses, shoes, scarves, hats, pieces for lil Lillys, indoor and outdoor decor, and let's not forget Lilly Pulitzer nail polish colors by Essie. Each piece is fun, full of personality, and makes you want to have a cool glass of [vodka spiked] lemonade by the pool on a hot summer day.  I was pleased with the functionality, style, and cut of most of the pieces, but am a little worried about the ladies who are going to show up at summer BBQs looking like cookie cutter Stepford Wives because of the repetition of colors and prints used throughout the entire line.  Let's have a look at some of my favorite things from the collection:

Shift dress - $38
I love how their shift dresses had a nipped waist, creating a flattering figure for those who may not have one!

Challis Romper $34

Gold Sandals $30

Shift dress - $38
This print will go great with just about any color solid!

Raffia Tote $30

Girls Eyelet Tank $14
Girls Pom Pom Shorts $12

Jumper $44
Everything comes in Plus Sizes, too! EVERYTHING!!!

Charm Bracelet $20

Gold Plated Giraffe Flask with Funnel $15

Nosie Posie Hammock $150
This is literally the ONLY thing I want to kick back in this summer!

There's a whole lot more to choose from... at least there was before 8:30 this morning... But like I said, these are my picks from the collection.  There ewere a few other things I would like to have shown, but some of the pictures available on Target's website didn't do the merch any justice.  Not to mention, if you know what one piece looks like you can pretty much guess how every thing else looks since  the color, prints, and fabrics are pretty much redundant. If your Target is lucky enough to still have some leftovers, keep this in mind: Everything is pink, green, blue, and white... Eyelet, pom pom, cotton, or polyester... And if they made it for mom, you best be believin' they made it for girl, baby, lawn and dinner table!  

While I think the collection is just adorable, I was unable to score a piece for myself.  If I could have, I probably would have only nabbed a pair of shorts and a headband.  I was, however, able to get a top and  a pair of pom pom shorts for a special lil tot, and I can't wait to see her looking precious in Lilly for Target!

Until the next craze, TrendSnobs!!!!

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  1. Thanks for keeping me in the know. I saw that target's website crashed due to the line, but wasn't quitw sure what it was! Hopefully they will restock soon, because I saw a few pieces I was interested in.


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