Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barami Little Secret

For the sake of exclusivity, I usually don't tell people where I get my clothes...

You:  "Trend Snob, where did you get those shoes?"
Me:  "Magical Elf Shop."

You:  "Trend Snob!  Awesome blouse! Details??!!"
Me:   "Prince had a yard sale last week."

You:  "Trend Snob!  Loving that dress! Where can I find it?"
Me:  "Stevie Wonder designed it for me."

Well, my little snobbies, I will finally reveal one of mine, and Phipps Plaza's best kept secrets: Barami Studio.  It is literally one of the BEST boutiques I've been to in a looooonnng time.  I love it because there is something ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in there for everyone, no matter what your style is! And the prices --- Don't get even get me started!

Don't believe me?

See for yourself!

Take my advice! Stop by and see Marguerite and her staff!  They will take great care of you, and make sure you're looking your absolute, fashionable best!

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  1. I'm totally loving the Barami Fashion Line at Phipps and am so happy you are bringing to light more independent boutiques around the city:)


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